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Why You Should Try A Healthy Dose Of Camping This Summer!

Why You Should Try A Healthy Dose Of Camping This Summer!

After spending a whole year trapped within the confines of our own homes, we’re sure many people have been aching to get back outside and do things again! However, the process for reopening shops and getting everything back to the way it used to be is going to be a slow one, some things may never even return to the way we remember it!

One thing that is safe and easy to enjoy though, is camping. As much as we all enjoy the modern day comforts and conveniences that come along with civilization, there are many things left in nature that we can and should enjoy! So get your sunscreen, bug spray and hats on in preparation for those wilderness adventures we’ll try to convince you to take this summer!

Go out and enjoy yourself while you still can!

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As much as we hate to bring up the elephant in the room, the summer is quickly drawing to an end! As many people are still in the process of transitioning between working from home and working in the office, now is probably one the last chances you’ll get with this much free time without those long commutes and with the kids at home! So why not pack up the car, get your kids or friends out of their hidey holes and into the outdoors! 

Trust us, as much as they may groan and complain now, they’re sure to thank you later!

Additionally, not to be a Debby downer or anything, but with an ever growing population with hungry mouths to feed and need for living space, the chances these parks and camping spots will still be around in coming years is getting smaller and smaller. You should at least try experiencing what camping is like now while there’s still plenty of space and parks open to you, before it becomes something too expensive or difficult to get to.

Benefits your health and body!

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You don’t need studies to tell you that being in an area further from the typical city life pollution and surrounded by trees is obviously going to be better for you, if not just your lungs! Get a break of fresh air less tainted by the smog that can fill the streets and enjoy the natural surroundings! 

While you’re at it, why not enjoy soaking up some of that au-naturale vitamin D! We can guarantee it’s much more pleasant than having to take chunky pill substitutes. Just make sure you still wear sunscreen and don’t stay out too long under direct sunlight as getting too much can still be bad for you.

Last but not least, getting outdoors means getting some exercise! You don’t even have to go through the efforts of setting up some rigorous routine or doing heavy lifting; just being outside and walking the trails can be a perfectly great active workout! You may not even realize you’re exercising with how caught up in the beauty of the forest you can get; plus, inviting  friends and family along for the walk can spin a new exciting twist!

Bonding time with family and friends!

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When you’re out in the woods with little to no cell service or ability to recharge your devices, your friend’s and family are bound to have to come out and spend time eventually. Besides, what’s a better way to create lasting memories than to struggle and experience new things together! Get outdoors! Rent a canoe, stumble into a poison oak patch or two and laugh at the plight of getting sand stuck in all the worst places!

It doesn’t have to be a perfectly smooth camping trip, half the things we remember are the funny or random things that happen purely by coincidence! So don’t be afraid to make mistakes and get messy. Bond over a campfire with delicious toasted marshmallows and spooky stories to keep you up at night. Just have fun!

It’s easier and safer than ever!

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With all the new advancements we’ve made in technology to date, of course we’ve come up with ways to make camping a safer and overall more enjoyable experience. In fact, one of the reasons that many people held back from camping before was partially due to the fear of over-complicated heavy tents and lugging those things all over!

Well, we’re happy to say that we can help provide a solution to that particular problem! Our instant pop-up tents are both lightweight and terrifically easy to set up! Simply find a spot you want to place your tent, pull it out of its carrying bag and open it up! Just make sure you stake the tent to the ground too so it doesn’t go wandering off on a windy day.

Additionally, if you’re afraid of getting wet, we have a few selections of waterproof tents that can fit quite a few people too! You could also purchase and set up a tarp above your tent to be extra certain that no water will be waking you up at night!

Hopefully, we’ve managed to convince you to try out camping this summer. And if you have, click here to check out our shops today so you can be well prepared for the trip!