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7 Strand Paracord For Hiking Camping

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This 7 Strand Paracord For Hiking Camping can be utilized for camping, crafting, hiking, making paracord projects like bracelets, lanyards, necklaces or paracord coasters or cozies, self-defense tools, wrapping hatchets, knives, or tools. It is extremely strong and can be used in a time of survival crisis. It is also extremely lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. Made of high-grade polyester this 7 Strand Paracord For Hiking Camping is the perfect outdoor equipment.


  • Item name: Paracord
  • Paracord Material: Polyester
  • Paracord Standard: 7 Inner strands of rope
  • Paracord Minimum breaking strength: 550lb
  • Paracord Name: Rope
  • Use: Outdoor camping equipment survival kit
  • Rope Type: Survival kit