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Camping Cookware Set With Gas Burner

Original price $87.99 - Original price $104.99
Original price
$87.99 - $104.99
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Camping Cookware Set With Gas Burner will give you an excellent outdoor cooking experience. It has capacity marks, an anti-scalding handle, and a heat-exchange design for you to use without any hassle or discomfort. It is corrosion and wears resistant. The low heat conduction makes it a safer choice. It also comes with a mesh bag for you to carry easily.


  • Material: Aluminum Stainless Steel Silicone
  • Style: Outdoor, Tourism, Hiking, Picnic
  • Net Weight: Bowl 22g Stove 77g Bracket 28g
  • Set include: 1x pot 1x stove 1x cloth bag 1x bracket 2x bowl
  • Applicable Season: 4 Seasons