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Grappling Hook Folding Claw

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A Grappling Hook Folding Claw is a versatile tool used for climbing, rescue operations, and other activities that require secure attachment to an object. It typically consists of a metal claw with multiple hooks or spikes that can be folded for easy storage and transportation and a rope or cord that is attached to the claw. The user throws the claw toward the target object, and the hooks or spikes penetrate the surface, providing a secure anchor point. The rope or cord can then be used to climb or rappel, or to pull the object towards the user.


  • Expanded diameter 20.5cm
  • Storage diameter 8.5cm
  • Total length 22.5cm
  • Weight 876g
  • Perforation diameter 14.5mm
  • Expanded diameter 17.7cm
  • Storage diameter 6.5cm
  • Total length 19.2cm
  • Weight 560.5g
  • Perforation diameter 12.5mm

Package List:

  • 1 *Hook