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Lanyard Tent Rope Parachute Cord

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This Lanyard Tent Rope Parachute Cord is extremely useful for keeping your tent from flying away or falling over while you're camping. For securing camping and trekking supplies to your backpack while out hiking, use this Lanyard Tent Rope Parachute Cord. You can braid a length of it and tie a D-ring or carabiner to it to store your knife and tools, or you can attach a bottle to the outside of your bag for easy access. In addition to its obvious practical uses, paracord can be braided or knotted to create belts, lanyards, bracelets, and other ornaments. They are extremely handy on a survival day.


  • Item Name: Paracord
  • Paracord Material: Polyester
  • Paracord Standard: 7 inner strands of rope
  • Paracord Minimum breaking strength: 550lb
  • Paracord Name: Rope
  • Use: Outdoor camping equipment survival kit
  • Rope Type: Survival kit