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Outdoor Climbing Hiking Equipment Camping Rope

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This Outdoor Climbing Hiking Equipment Camping Rope is multi-purpose and can be used for a number of things like fishing, netting, climbing, or rescue. For use in the water and UV protection, it is also an abrasion-resistant rope it comes in handy. While camping, trekking, hiking, or during a trip you can use it to tie down tents, dry clothes, set up tents, and mark trails. Made of high-quality materials it is both durable and strong. So don't forget to include this Outdoor Climbing Hiking Equipment Camping Rope for your next outdoor activity.


  • Type: Paracord 550 Rope
  • Type: 3 - 4 Person Tent
  • Accessory Type: Rope
  • Diameter: 4mm
  • Standard: 7 Stand Cores
  • Resistance to Breaking: Around 550/480kg
  • Function: Survival Life Saving
  • Outdoor Activity: Camping, Hiking, Climbing
  • Outdoor Tools: Parachute Cord
  • Hiking Clothesline: Survival Equipment
  • Camping Rope: Tent Accessories