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Photochromic Outdoor Sport Glasses Eyewear

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Photochromic Outdoor Sport Glasses Eyewear are a type of eyewear that is specially designed to provide a high level of protection to your eyes during various outdoor activities. The glasses are equipped with lenses that are capable of adjusting their tint according to the level of sunlight and UV radiation present in the environment. This feature ensures that your eyes are always protected from harmful rays, regardless of the time of day or weather conditions.


  • Sports style 1: Cycling glasses / Cycling sunglasses
  • Use range: fishing, driving, cycling, running, golf/Skiing
  • Material: TR90+ PC
  • Lens protection level: UV400+waterproof

Package Includes : 

  • 1*Color lens
  • 1*Photochromic lens
  • 1*TR90 glasses frame
  • 1*Myopia frame
  • 1*Glasses cloth+1*Glasses bag+1*Glasses case+1*Nose pads