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Tactical Survival Kit With Tourniquet And Scissors

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These Tactical Survival Kit With Tourniquet And Scissors are a necessity for any outdoor activity. These Tactical Survival Kit With Tourniquets and Scissors can be used to cut bandages to suit wounds and remove dressings so that bandages can be changed, reducing the risk of infection. Additionally, because of its lightweight, it is quite portable. During a camp, hike, camping trip, or any other outdoor activity, it will be there for you during any emergency. The Tactical Arterial Emergency Tourniquet is designed to compress the arteries in a limb. When applied over an arterial bleed, the tourniquet will stop the flow of blood to the wound. All five kits contain a combination of an ideal kit for any emergency. So be sure to take them with you for your safety.


  • Type: Survival Kit
  • Kit 1 Contains: 1x Tourniquet
  • Kit 2 - 7 Contains: 1x Tourniquet, 1x Scissor, 1x Mini Tool Holder
  • Kit 8 Contains: 1x Tourniquet, 1x Mini Tool Holder
  • Kit 9 Contains: 2x Mini Tool Holder
  • Kit 10 Contains: 1x Mini Tool Holder